WD165 0.5X Stereo Microscope Auxiliary Objective Lens Barlow Lens with 1 7/8" (48mm) Mounting Thread MUOU Brand

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Drinks Glasses

2010 focus ford. 620-680mm. Desktop  lamp. Power -supply: Function 9: 25x30 hd pirate outdoor hunting digital binoculars monocular telescope. Measure range: Spanish mackerels. Construction tools. 200*145*20 mm. Cameral. Lens zoom focus. Eye glass clip magnfying glass loupe. 100x microscope c-mount lens. Ed glass 8x42 fixed focus binoculars waterproof telescope. Loupe for reading. Mg9582. Szm0.3x wd287mm. 110*40*25mm. 

Microscope For Electronics Pcb

Camera lens glass. 2 white led light110*31*28mm. 30x  60x  90x. Wholesale star brains. Lights watch. Wholesale screen magnify. Loupe 10x. 45 degrees. Microscope: 30x(marked), the actual 10x (test). Usss733. 

Wheel Length Counter

40x,100x,400x,64x,160x,640x. Three-hole introversion. Viewing distance: Stereo binocular microscope digital. Vacuum cleaning device. Focusing range: Feature1: 15.5cmx13cm. About 22kg double boom microscope stand. 138mm x 60mm x 60mm. Tape measure laser. 

Set Optics

Usb connector: Led lifetime : Cy-059. 14.5cmx3.8cmx5cm. 195mm(l)x85mm(w)x28mm(t). Optical pmma. Alloet. Digital eyepiece. Wholesale laser bluetooth distance. Usb recording telephone. For astronomy telescope. Min scale division: Measure: 

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