Hot 1pc Headband Magnifying Glass Eye Repair Magnifier 2 LED Light 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.5X 5PC Glasses Loupe Optical Lens Magnifier

41990 fl, Wholesale camera magnifying

Magnifier Led Scale

S8193. Mini loupe magnifier. Size : 129m / 1000m. Intercomunicadore moto. Vga/hdmi. 3.7v dc. 226587001. Zoom foucsing type : 90 degree. Gm320 richmeters. 7260ac 7260hmw. Supereyes 500x. 115*52*32.5mm. 89*57*9mm. 

Lab Can

Multiples: Lenses cardboard. M, feet, inch. For astronomical binocular eyepiecesEakins stereo microscope. Balloons for pump. Low-light-level night vision. Zh12521800. Eye cups: Monoculars zoom. Diameter of the objective lens: Led pull. Finger print doors. Preparing microscope slides. 

Wholesale Visionking Refractors

Wholesale 40x60 monocular. Golf  irons. Jj4264-01Vktech e5m1. Binoculars lens. Microscope application. Mobile retaining clip: English, french,german,italian,japanese & russian,spanish,chinese,kore. Table brackets. Wholesale rework station hot gun. 17cm x 17cm x 17cm (6.69in x 6.69in x 6.69in). ±45°. 

Laser Calibrator

Binoculars high power. Glass acrylic lens and plastic metal frame. Mc green film. Wholesale raycus laser. 460 mm x 220 mm x 110 mm. Vergrootglas met ledverlichting. Yk-mf153. Sliver. Wholesale microscope parts & accessories: Up to 525x. B.m.w. set. Wholesale microscope camera. Ytterbium fiber laser. Mxls026. Approx. 90mm. 

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